MJ Auctions Online Bidding Platforms

At MJ Auctions We Use 3 Different Bidding Platforms To Help Suit Our Clients Needs And Get Them The Best Dollar For There Consignments.

Live Auction World/I Collector

In June Of 2024 We Started Using Live Auction World/I Collector For Many Different Types Of Online Auctions . Our First Sale On Live Auction World Will Close On June 27th 2024 And Will Offer Everything From A Lawn Mower To Silver Plate Items And Lots More !! Be Sure To Check It Out !!! We Also LOVE Live Auction World/I Collector Because They Are A CANADIAN Based Platform In Port Coquitlam,British Columbia.

Quick Bids (Formerly Silent Auction Biz)

In Januray Of 2021 We Lauched In To The Online Auctions To Get Back In The Auctions During The COVID 19 Pandemic And Our Go To Choice Was Silent Auction Biz (Now Quick Bids) and We Still Offer A Number Of Sales On This Platform. Sales On Quick Bids Are Normally Equipment,Tools,Lawn & Garden,Livestock Handling,Horse Tack, Real Estate And More !! We Also LOVE Silent Auction Biz Because They Are A CANADIAN Based Platform In Listowel,Ontario.

Effective On Monday May 10th/2024 Silent Auction Biz Will Be Changing There Operating Name To : Quick Bids. All Links To There Site Will Remain The Same For Current & Upcoming Auctions On There Site.


In March Of 2021 We Started Using Hibid For Our Online Auctions ! On Hibid You Will Find Estate Auctions,Jewlery,Household,Antquies & Collectables As well as Equipment,Tools,Lawn & Garden,Livestock Handling And Much More !!! In 2024 We Are Starting A Transition To Move These Auctions On Live Auction World/I Collector Due To The Rising Cost Of Hibid & the US Exchange Rate.

We ALWAYS Offer Our Customers The choice Of Platform They Want To Use For There Online Auction And Offer Our Experinace And Advice On What We Think Is Best ! We Also Consider How You Found MJ Auctions. For Example If You Came To Us Because You Found Us On Quick Bids Then We Would Use Quick Bids For Your Sale !!


You Can Find ALL Of Our Upcoming Auctions Here On Our Website By Clicking Upcoming Auctions Or Scrolling Through The Slide Show On Our Home Page. We Also Publish All Our Upcoming Auctions On The Auction Advertiser Website !!

The Auction Advertiser

Thank You For Choosing MJ AUCTIONS & Our Great Group Of Bidding Platforms !!!